I've always struggled about what to do with this thing. There's the impulse to put something, anything, online, to leave a mark on here, which collides with my own hypocritical distaste for that sort of cultural pollution. But every time I come to this page, all that's there is whatever hypershortform pretentious navel-gazing bullshit I put up here last time, and all I can come up with to replace it is more hypershortform pretentious navel-gazing bullshit like this. It's all pollution of the sort I just said I dislike. I want to put something actually interesting or meaningful here, to use the lost medium of the webpage to its potential to Say Something, and yet this is genuinely the best I can come up with.

I guess the realization I've come to, 26 years into life, is that I really don't have anything to say.